Who is VIHMIRU for?

Nocturnal enigmas, bringers of mischief, masters of the black landscape they inhabit. Night owls, looming in the darkness, skulking through the shadows. If you’re a creature of the night then VIHMIRU is for you.


Something of a lifestyle brand that is aligned to the culture and idealism of night owls. VIHMIRU aims to enhance a night owl’s everyday life, specifically their night life, with tailored products that empower them to feel good about themselves and the culture they belong to.

What does VIHMIRU represent?

– Those overwhelming urges to stay up late.
– Not conforming to another’s idea of what’s right.
– The desire to better oneself.

"VIHMIRU"... what does this mean?

VIHMIRU translates as Nightventure – an exciting or unusual nocturnal experience. The uncertainty of nightventures drive us to keep moving forward, to keep observing, to keep exploring. Where to next?

How should you pronounce "VIHMIRU"?

In your own way; there is no set pronounciation because VIHMIRU promotes individualism, so you are free to say it however you please.

Most pronounce it as: Vim-ear-roo or Vimi-roo

When does VIHMIRU drop new goods?

There are no set dates or seasonal releases for product drops. Instead, they happen as and when time and budget allow. Feel free to fire a message over and chase up when the next drop might be happening or mention what you’d like to see produced.

Does VIHMIRU offer sponsorship?

VIHMIRU is open to sponsoring events, should it be a good fit, as well as giveaways for great or aligned causes. What’s your proposal? Why should your event be sponsored above all others? What other opportunities would you like to discuss? Click here to touch base.